Health Care Networks & Medicare Part D

All your health plans use PPO networks to ensure you get the best value for your benefit dollar. To receive the maximum available benefits, be sure to use network providers when you use any of your health care services.
  • Medical Plan options:* Primarily use the BlueCross BlueShield BlueCard PPO Network on a nationwide basis, a Preferred Provider Organization including both hospitals and physicians.
  • Prescription benefits: Are provided through the CVS national pharmacy network, in partnership with BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee.
  • Dental Plan options: Use the Delta Dental PPO Network (primary network) and the Delta Dental Premier Network (secondary network) through Delta Dental of Tennessee for dental care services.
  • Vision Plan options: Use the VSP Open Access Network for vision care services.
  • HearUSA Hearing Care program: Uses the HearUSA Network of audiologists.

*NOTE: Special PPO Networks apply to members seeking care in the states of Tennessee, Georgia and Florida under one of the BlueCross BlueShield medical plan options.
Special PPO Networks:

  • Tennessee: Network S or P
  • Georgia: Blue Open Access POS
  • Florida: NetworkBlue

Outside of these states, the BCBST BlueCard PPO Network applies on a nationwide basis.
These special PPO Networks help all of us reduce the costs of care while at the same time ensuring we have very broad access to doctors, hospitals and other providers.

Medicare Part D Creditable Prescription Drug Coverage

If you will attain or have attained Medicare eligibility age in 2023 there are two important things you need to know about your current coverage and Medicare’s prescription drug coverage.

  1. Medicare prescription drug coverage is available to everyone with Medicare. You can get this coverage if you join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan or join a Medicare Advantage Plan (like an HMO or PPO) that offers prescription drug coverage. All Medicare drug plans provide at least a standard level of coverage set by Medicare. Some plans may also offer more coverage for a higher monthly premium.
  2. FirstFleet, Inc. has determined that the prescription drug coverage offered by the FirstFleet Health Plan is, on average for all plan participants, expected to pay out as much as standard Medicare prescription drug coverage pays and is therefore considered creditable coverage. Because your existing coverage is creditable coverage, you can keep this coverage and not pay a higher premium (a penalty) if you later decide to join a Medicare drug plan.

If you are a Medicare-eligible covered member under the FirstFleet Health Plan, you will also receive a letter of creditable coverage for your records affirming this determination.