Eligible dependents include your spouse and eligible dependent children up to age 26.


“Spouse” is defined as your current spouse (who is not also a subscriber under this coverage) under a legally valid marriage.

Dependent Children

Dependent children may include: a natural child, a legally adopted child (including a child placed with you for the purpose of adoption), a stepchild, or a child for whom you or your spouse is a legal guardian.

Dependent children may also include children who do not reside with you but are your legal responsibility for the provision of medical coverage under a Qualified Medical Child Support Order (for example, children from a divorce who are residing with the employee’s ex-spouse).

Dependent children may include a child who is totally and permanently disabled before age 26 and will continue to be both disabled and dependent upon you for financial support and maintenance. Notification and proof of such incapacity and dependency must be provided within 31 days of the dependent child’s attainment of age 26.

Dependent Eligibility Verification

At the time you elect to add dependents to your FirstFleet benefit plans, you will be asked to submit documentation to Alight, our dependent verification partner. Documentation is required for all eligible dependents to verify their eligibility to be added to coverage.

You may be asked to provide documents such as marriage certificate, birth certificates and household bills based on the type of dependents you add to coverage. If you do not respond or are unable to verify your dependent’s eligibility, your dependent will not be allowed to enroll in coverage.

  • We use Alight for DVC
    • Acceptable Forms of Documentation include:
      Marriage license for spouse
      Birth certificate for children
      First page of your most recent tax return, listing eligible dependents (for spouse and/or children)
      Court-ordered guardianship papers, adoption papers or placement letter
      Divorce decree to show parent/child relationship when names don’t match or to identify responsibility for providing health coverage
  • You and FirstFleet share the cost of your benefits. Your share will automatically be deducted from your FirstFleet paycheck on a before-tax basis.
  • All new hires and first-time eligible team members are automatically enrolled in the 401(k) plan at 4% of your earnings after 30 days from your start date, or as soon as administratively practical.

A dependent will not be added to the plan coverage until documentation is provided and approved. Please refer to your SPD for full details regarding eligibility and coverage for your dependents under the health plan.

PLEASE NOTE: If your dependents are already verified, you do not need to re-verify them in order to continue their coverage from one plan year to the next.