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Go Green This April

Celebrate Earth and Arbor Day!

As buds begin to appear on trees, take time to appreciate the place you call home. April provides two opportunities to celebrate and give back to the Earth. Earth Day is celebrated on April 22, while Arbor Day takes place on April 26.

Earth Day is an annual celebration that raises awareness to protect Earth’s natural resources. Use this day to take part in activities that help the planet! Below are ideas to take you out of your winter hibernation and outdoors.

  • Volunteer at a community cleanup day or pick a park and pick up trash
  • Support a local farmer and use that produce to cook a farm-to-table meal
  • Find a local trail and hike with family and friends

Arbor Day celebrates the planting, upkeeping, and preservation of trees. The purpose of this day is like Earth Day, and you can do many of the same things to celebrate. Below are a few tree-specific activities!

  • Organize a tree-planting event in your local community
  • Go on a tree identification walk
  • Plant a tree at home or, if you don’t have the space, plant flowers

Drug Take Back Day

Thousands of emergency room visits take place every year because kids accidentally take medications they shouldn’t. Keep your littlest loved ones safe by taking part in National Drug Take Back Day. Take this time to go through your medicine cabinet and gather your unused and expired medications.

 While it’s important to go through your medicine cabinet, it is equally important to throw away medications in a safe way. Disposing of medications properly helps keeps harmful ingredients out of our water supply and out of the wrong hands. Visit to find a controlled substance public disposal location. Most of these locations are safely secured and provide a free and anonymous drop off – no questions asked.

Changing Your Benefits Mid-Year

Life is constantly changing, and your benefits should too. Apart from your new hire period or annual enrollment, you may also make changes if you experience a Qualifying Life Event such as:

  • Marriage or divorce
  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Death of a dependent
  • Change in employment or job status

If you experience a Qualifying Life Event, reach out to Human Resource to see what documentation you may need to submit. Keep in mind, most changes must be requested within 30 or 31 days of the event.